Saturday, August 04, 2007

Torino and Rivoli

Hi Everyone

We had a great time in Hong Kong last weekend. I’ll post some photos in two weeks.

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Daniela, my wife, comes from a small town near Torino. While we were in Italy we went to see relatives in Torino and Rivoli. Rivoli is on the edge of Torino, at the end of a 14 km road called Corso Francia. You can see from the first picture that the road runs straight down the middle of Torino. Corso Francia (France Road) is one of the world's longest streets and was built because of the desire of the House of Savoy to connect Royal Palace in the center of Turin with Rivoli Castle. The first findings of Rivoli are from the 1st and 2nd century AD. The first 6 photos are of Rivoli and, the old town, as you can see, is beautiful with windy streets and interesting buildings.

Torino is, of course, famous as the home of FIAT. It is imposing in its architecture but it also has a softer touch. A lovely city that has improved over the years. Most of the important piazzas are now pedestrianised.

Torino is the capital of Piemonte. The food is wonderful (no surprise!) But as it is in the North it has a very different cuisine to the centre and south of Italy.

The original symbol of Torino is La Mole Antonelliano (see the last photo). It was completed in 1889

‘Till next week when you can see some more photos of Hong Kong. I say 'more' because there is one posting in the archives (Nov 2005)with 3 photos from a previous trip. But it was hazier then so stay tuned for some quality pics.

Love and have a great fortnight!


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