Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beijing: Tian'anmen Square & Temple of Heaven

Hello and thanks for coming by to see my blog.

We are now back from the UK. I have some photos to share with you from our holiday but I need a little time to sort them all. So this posting shows some photos of Tian'anmen Square and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. I was there in May for work but managed to squeeze in a night visit to the Square and an early morning visit to the Temple. Since I went last time the Temple of Heaven has been completely renovated and looks brand spanking new! It was finished on May 1. This, of course, is all in honour of the Beijing Olympic Games.

I hope you enjoy the photos and do come back. In two weeks I will post some photos of our trip to the UK.



Great Hall of the People

The National Museum of China

The Tian'anmen, the south gate into
the Forbidden City

ShenyangMen or the Arrow Tower

Gates leading to the Hall of Prayer
for Good Harvests

The North Celestial Gate to the Temple of Heaven

Shot taken from the Circular Mound Altar of
gates leading to the Imperial Vault of Heaven

The Imperial Vault of Heaven

Tree hugging! The park of the Temple is a great
place to see Chinese people at leisure.

Tai Chi, great trousers!

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

Closer view

Cute little visitor on the Temple steps

Majestic view

More Tai Chi