Monday, August 02, 2010

Ladakhi people, children and a dog!

Hello. Thanks for coming.
I am very sad to hear of all the people who have died and lost so much in the recent floods in Asia, including China, Pakistan, Kashmir and, of course, Ladakh. It is very hard to imagine such heavy rain in the desert of Ladakh where it never rains in the summer.
This is the last post dedicated to Ladakh. I'd like to show you some more people and children of Ladakh. One of the main pleasures of visiting this incredible place. Happy, friendly, full of character, they have left a lasting impression on me.

Enjoy the photos. This first one shows a moment of (humorous) contact in the street.

Next time I'll show you Dharamsala, the seat of the Dalai Lama. A place I never thought I'd visit. So grateful that I did.

Traditional scales to weigh your vegetables

What a picture they make!

Heavy load on my back, thank
heavens for my stick

This little chap was very curious...

...but he went a bit shy on scrutiny! Of course
Mum is a safe haven!

This chap was everything but shy! Love this

...and this little one was far too busy to
even notice!

Finally this one was a right poser!!

Dying the fabric


Traditional water pump provided free by the
Sikh community

Little ones, very poor, but having fun.
Looking old before their time

A meaningful look, I wonder what it means?

Then up popped this young lady, wanting to
know what was going on

A very macho pose. Perhaps he's seen too
many Clint Eastwood movies...

That's my boy! A very proud Mum

Rocks are everywhere and used for
lots of different purposes. In a
remarkably short time this man had
split the rock in two. Very impressive

Back at the Hemis festival. I like the contrast
between the older lady in the foreground and
the girls to her left. Check out the outfit of
the girl in the centre!

Like the shades ladies

Two spectators on the roof

And I leave you, and Leh and Ladakh, with
this man looking out over his wonderful town,
working his prayer beads.

Come back to see Dharamsala.