Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gili Meno - inland and sunset

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This first photo is the place where we stayed on Gili Meno, called "The Nautilus". Very clean and comfortable.

The staff were lovely.

As well as walking round the island there are pathways through the interior that take you from coast to coast. These photos show you the walk we took. Also a few of Trawangan when we took a boat across to visit the "big" island. Finally a beautiful sunset to close this series of Lombok and Gili. I hope you have enjoyed it.


No cars on Gili Meno. You get around on foot,
by bike or on the horse and carts

The sky was blue and the colurs were superb

Stripping corn

A group of local children and the lady who was
looking after them

There is a range of different types of houses
from modern and expensive....

to more traditional

The island mosque. You can hear the call to
prayer all over the island

Goats are precious animals on the island

Near the west coast there is a large salt-water

How about that for a garden! Hope the roof is
reinforced against falling coconuts...

Lovely traditional house. Look carefully on the
right. There's a huge satellite dish..

Cute youngsters with Daniela

This is Lee. A very cool young guy who was our
navigator and turtle spotter on our
snorkelling trips

This is Dean, Lee's father-in-law, holding
dinner. Lee speared them.

Children having great fun. This was taken on
Gili Trawangan

The main street on Gili Trawangan. Daniela
took this photo

I leave you with a beautiful sunset.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gili Meno, Indonesia - sand & sea

Hi and a warm welcome to my blog.

Last time I showed you Lombok. After Lombok we went to Gili Meno. There are 3 islands off the North West coast of Lombok. Gili Air, Meno and Trawangan. Trawangan is the most developed but we were looking for a real retreat so we chose the much smaller Gili Meno.

You can walk around Gili Meno on the beach in about one and a half hours. The photos take you round the island and also span early morning to late afternooon.

It really was a retreat. No cars, little development, and we loved it. The snorkelling is not as good as Phi Phi (Thailand) and Perhentian (Malaysia) but there is an area off Gili Meno called Coral Garden which is very beautiful and lives up to its name.

This first photo above was taken in the early morning.

The Gili Isles are very close to Lombok. Just
30 mins by boat.

About 400 people are resident on the island

Tourism, coconut plantation and fishing are
the main sources of income

Clouds seemed to be permanently nestled
over Lombok.

Ohhh! Those colours!

This is Julie. A very happy little girl.

And Julie in the BIG picture! The small island
you can see is Gili Air

To the south of the island there is more surf

There is an annual surfing competition
between the locals

And it gets a bit rockier.

Breaking wave

The Lombok Rinjani Volcano in the distance
is the second highest Indonesian volcano.
3,726 metres

This is taken on the west side of the island.
It's now late afternoon

Classic Indonesian fishing boats

A sunset beach cafe

Keeping your boat in good nick takes some work

In the distance is Bali. You can see the Agung
, the sister of Rinjani. This one is
3.142 metres. The line of trees is Gili
, the largets and most developed
of the Gili Isles.

A wide and long view!

And here we are. Next time Gili Meno inland,
some of the lovely local people we met
a few shots of Trawangan and a beautiful sunset.