Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guangzhou China - Pearl River

Welcome to the first of a series of photos taken during my recent trip to Guangzhou in Southern China.

This first set is dedicated to the Pearl River which runs through the heart of Guangzhou. It is the third longest river in China. The Pearl River is named after a sandy or stony island in the middle of the river called "Sea Pearl". This island is now part of the bank of the river, due to the river's change of course. It is 2,200 kilometers in length and flows into the South China Sea between Hong
Kong and Macau.

The weather was very hazy and hot. No brilliant blue skies. The light was a challenge when taking photos. But it does provide its own "atmosphere". The next set in a couple of weeks will show you the lovely people I came across as I discovered Guangzhou.

I was only in Guangzhou for 3 days, one of which I was working. I really liked the feel of the city. It doesn't have the sights of Beijing, but it is a friendly, bustling, human city. I would like to go back.

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Come back to see the human side more closely.


Very smooth surface to the river taken at
the hottest time of day. On the opposite bank
is the Guangzhou hyperboloid TV &
Sightseeing Tower.

A closer view of the Tower.
I'll show you clearer photos of
this tower in another edition
In the distance you can see
the Liede Bridge.

Modern buildings on the bank of the river
more in the centre part of Guangzhou.

A striking building. I guess it's like Marmite,
you either love of hate the architecture, but
can't ignore it!

I was standing on the Haizhu bridge taking
this shot. The bridge you can see is the
Jiefang (Liberation) bridge.

This is the Haizhu bridge. It is 7o years old.
Not exactly a pretty sight/site! It has a
rather unenviable reputation of being a suicide
bridge. In one month alone eight people
committed suicide on the bridge and numerous
others had climbed up threatening to commit
suicide before changing their minds.

City officials, after trying more conventional
means to prevent would be suiciders,
employed Chinese workers to smear the
bridge with butter. Apparently it has worked!
It is too slippery to climb. Traffic has often
been held up for hours "pushing people"
to desperate measures. Click the link above
to read the story!

View of the bank of the river from Haizhu

Boatman near the Jiefang Bridge.

A rare moment when nobody was around.

The river in the centre of Guangzhou.

A scenic shot! The river links Guangzhou to
Hong Kong and the South China Sea. It is
one of China's most important waterways
and one of the centres of its world trade.

Going on a pleasure boat is one of the "must
do" activities. Especially the night cruise.
Unfortunately I did not have the time.

But I did take a couple of photos of the boats!

The river has been very
polluted. Measures have been
taken to clean it up, but there
is still a long way to go. To
persuade people that it is OK
to swim the Mayor arranged
a swimathon
of health officials
but had difficulty finding
recruits! I believe the mayor
did go for a swim and survived.
Clearly some people feel it's
ok, even for their children.

A meeting place for the locals.
One man is flying a kite.

The river at dusk