Saturday, October 01, 2011

Plymouth Barbican UK

Hi and welcome. I've just been on a trip to the UK and Italy. I spent two weeks in Plymouth. This blog shows you shots of Plymouth Barbican. The old harbour of Plymouth that survived the blitz during the 2nd World War

The weather wasn't great. Grey, cloudy and rainy, just as I remember it from when I was a child, but it does add atmosphere! Hope you enjoy the photos. Next time Florence, Italy

The Barbican is home to many sailing boats. While I was there the Americas Cup World Series took place in Plymouth Sound. A big coup for Plymouth. You can see sunny photos of Plymouth Hoe here

A barbican is a fortified gate, and here the
name probably derives from the gate of the
'Castle Barbican'. It no longer exists

Yachts but also old fishing boats
too. For centuries the Barbican
was home to Plymouth's fish
market and is still home to many

Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, John Hawkins
and Captain Cook, all strolled through the
Barbican before setting off from this historic
area on their epic journeys around the world

Boats in Sutton Harbour. Cute name for the
first boat on the left

Many of the old buildings have
been renovated and turned into
pubs or restaurants

Diversity of cuisine is also in
Plymouth. Good to see the
tradition of BYO is still alive

One of the larger pubs and eating places. You
can get good real ale in these lovely pubs

The Cornish were famous for smuggling. But I
bet their neighbouring Devonians weren't shy
of the practice!

Classic scene

An older and small drinking hole

You can see Plymouth also has a "London Eye".
It wasn't there the last time I looked! Plymouth’s
60 metre high big wheel has 42 air conditioned

The Mayflower Steps from
whence the Pilgrim Fathers
set off to settle in America.
Convicts also left for Australia
from here. The flag and flowers
were left by Americas Cup competitors
to remember the victims of 9/11 on
the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

Looking across to Mt Batten. There used to
be a marine station of the RAF there. My father
worked there for many years


Captain Jasper's eating house. It all started
In 1978 when John Dudley, "The Cap'n" was
asked to help raise money for charity at
The Barbican Regatta. He built a small wooden
hut and sold BBQ'd food

The weather may be drab, but the Barbican is

Just luv Supertub!

Discrimination against hippies, but aren't
they extinct?

Typical old street in the Barbican

The sign for the Plymouth aquarium

Do come again for photos of Florence, Italy