Friday, April 03, 2009

Chinese Gardens Singapore

Hello and welcome to my blog.

The guide books are never very flattering about the Chinese Gardens in Singapore. I hope the photos here will convey the serenity and the beauty that I find there. There is also a large and beautiful bonsai garden that is very special. It was closed for the day when I took these photos.

The Chinese Garden is modelled along the northern Chinese imperial style of architecture and landscaping. It was built in 1975

Hope to see you again in two weeks.


We chose late afternoon on a sunny day to get
that magical light.

The bridge connecting the Chinese Garden and
Japanese Garden islands

A smaller hump bridge in the Japanese Garden

The theme of this and the next two photos is
light, water and reflection

Daniela chatting to a man feeding the fish.
On discovering Daniela is Italian he asked if
she was wearing Armani and if she drove
a Ferrari!


This is one of two pagodas
standing side by side

The twin pagodas

As you cross the bridge upon entering the
garden, you are welcomed by the Main Arch
Building. It is a renowned and typical Chinese
arch building

The 'Ru Yun T’a' (7-storey pagoda)
is situated on a small hill in the
Chinese Garden. Its typical pagoda
design follows the style of Ling Ku
Temple Pagoda at Nanking

This cloud was just begging to have its
picture taken

So of course I had to oblige.

Sunset was very beautiful