Friday, November 27, 2009

Fond memories of Herne Bay and Herne Village, Kent, UK

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Herne Village and Herne Bay in Kent have a special place in my childhood memories. When my Dad went abroad on unaccompanied postings with the RAF my Mother, my sister and I went to stay with my Dad's parents in Herne Village. This happened twice for 1 year each time and another time for 3 months. Plus this was where we went on holiday.

I have lovely memories so I got a lot of pleasure taking photos of places I remember since I was a wee lad!

These pictures of Herne and Herne Bay were taken on my recent trip to the UK.

Next time I'll show pictures I took of Whitstable, Kent - a fishing village which is an icon of a British seaside town and a refuge for many people who live in East London, as it was for us before we moved to Singapore.

See you then.


The beginning and the end of the Herne Bay
. There used to be a middle!

A close up of the end of the pier. Now with
wind whatsits in the background.

The clock tower which was the world's first
free standing and purpose built clock tower.
It was completed in 1837.

Herne Bay is a Victorian town with much of
it's lovely architecture still intact.

Here you can see a line of Victorian terraced
houses on the seafront

The iconic beach huts.

This landmark windmill is very vivid in my
menory. It stands out above Herne Bay on a
site where a windmill has stood for the last
600 years.

Standing proud!

An autumn rural shot off the Ridgeway, above
Herne Village.

Classic village home, for the better off.

Lovely slatted home, typical of this area.

Herne village terraced homes.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Herne Bay.
My parents got married here 60 years ago.
And I was an altar boy........
.......but not quite 60 years ago!

St Martin's Church in Herne Village. It is a
traditional Norman 12th century Church.

St Martins Tower above the rooftops