Sunday, July 19, 2009

Images of Singapore

Hello, and a warm welcome (back) to my blog.

I saw an exhibition of Steve McCurry over the weekend called "The Unguarded Moment". If I ever got to be half as good as he is I'd be smiling! Wonderful photos.

An inspiration for me!

I have chosen some photos of Singapore for this edition. This photo was taken on the island of Sentosa, south of Singapore. It is the underside of the Tiger elevation tower that is 110m high. You can see both Malaysia and Indonesia from the tower. It is sponsored by Tiger Airways.

Have a good two weeks and hope to see you again


Clarke Quay, away from the water has a
covered street with outside air conditioning,
to keep people cool. You can see AC panel
where the air blows out on the right, There is
a boy playing with the fountain.

Another view. The street has a central square
with the fountain. It is a street of restaurants
and bars.

Recently the Government arranged for the
bridges in the central tourist area to be lit up
at night. This bridge is on Boat Quay.

Singapore is constantly renewing itself and
doing everything it can to attract tourists and

The Fullerton Hotel on Boat Quay used to be
the Post Office before the Second World War.
When the Japanese invaded they made it their
central command.

I have posted photos of the Arab Street area
before. Here's a few more on a sunny day. The
golden dome of Sultan Mosque is a striking

There are some interesting shops in the Arab
Street area. This lovely Vespa is standing
outside a shop that specialises in retro objects.

Sultan Mosque

Daniela with the Vespa. She used to have
one of these when she was a younger girl
in Italy!

Masjid Sultan is the biggest
mosque in Singapore.

This is Bussorah Street. Great shops and cafes.
The Arab Street area is on the edge of a larger
district of Singapore called Bugis, Bugis used to be
famous for its prostitutes. When my Dad was in
Singapore with the RAF in the early 1950's
Bugis was a no-go area. It was compared to the
Patpong area of Bangkok. Now it is one of the
biggest shopping areas outside Orchard Road