Saturday, August 15, 2009

Batam Island, Indonesia

Welcome to Batam Island!

Occasionally we organise a short break for the British Council Professional Development Centre, Singapore team. In 2007 we went to Bintan Island.

Batam is a 30 minute ferry trip from Singapore. The first picture shows you one of the many ferries that go frequently between Singapore & Batam We stayed at the Turi Beach Resort.

The weather was a bit of a photographic
challenge. The light was bright but hazy.
The sky a whiteout, but on Saturday late
afternoon it improved a little.

We stayed in a room on the hill. This shot
looks down on the entrance to the resort.

Daniela reclining, protected by 2 Balinese type
Statues. In fact the feel of the resort was quite
Balinese. More Hindu than Muslim.

Traditional accommodation. These huts are
quite old now. They look much better in the
publicity photos on the Resort website!

The East wing is traditional. Recently the West
has been built in a more modern style.

The Resort has two swimming pools.
This is the original one.

Part of the Resort foyer

And this is the new pool. You can see the
new rooms. They are more expensive,
of course.

There are two piers. Always a boon for a
photographer looking for something to

.......from different angles.

When you come to a resort straight from
Singapore you don't realise that Batam is
an industrial island.

Just 20 Kms from Singapore, Indonesia and
Singapore have invested heavily into the
development of Batam.

Can you see the little bird on the rock?
Ship building and electronics are the main
industries. It is a trade free zone

The resort has water sports and you can
get a boat to a snorkelling site off a very
small island called No Man's Island close to

Batam is not famous for its coral and fish but I
did manage to spot my favourite clown fish
hanging out in an anenome

Close up of one of the traditional huts

This is the second pier. It was closed.
You can see there is nothing to stop you
falling in on the left side. Not good after
a few beers!

Tourists share the resort with

Local game. Object of the game is to hit the
steeple of flip flops and make it collapse. So
simple but everyone was having a great time.

In case you were having withdrawal
symptoms, one last shot of the pier before
nightfall. Two bathers in the bottom left
hand corner.

The sun doesn't set in the sea but I managed
to catch it just before it disappeared behind
the trees. Goodnight! Hope to see you again