Saturday, August 30, 2008

Looe, Cornish Fishing Village, UK

Good to see you. Thanks for coming to my blog. This edition shows photos of a small Cornish fishing village called Looe. It is a typical Cornish picturesque village and is located on the South coast of Cornwall, not far from Plymouth. There are many others in Cornwall.

It was cloudy and raining in the morning but after lunch the sun came out so I managed to get some sunny shots!

Cream tea, tiddy oggies (Cornish pasties), fudge and lovely pubs are some of the delights of Cornwall.

This first picture is Daniela and myself.

I have just got back from Delhi India. I went
there for work and also had three days being
the tourist. Lots of photos to share with you
so do come back!


Sightseeing boat

Tiny church

An attractive back lane! I love
the yellow drainpipes!

Who me? Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth....

My Dad getting up close with Betty Boop!
She doesn't seem to be too impressed!!

Cute shop front window

A picturesque pub

Looking up the River Looe

Tide's out

Looe's medieval steeple from a distance.......

.......and close up. It used to help sailors
find Falmouth

Picture postcard

Nelson the seal adopted Looe and became a
famous citizen of Looe. He only had one eye,
hence the name Nelson. He died in 2003.
Now he is permanently on the banks of the
river Looe for people to remember him.

View across the bay

The beach

The coastline just past the village

Sunday, August 10, 2008

London - creative expression

Hello and a warm welcome to my blog.
For this edition I have uploaded shots that I took while walking in London. They are not your classic tourist photos, more about the expression and creativity of its people, the evidence of which was everywhere. This, for example, was a very traditional funfair. There was even a coconut shy! I haven't seen one of those for years. It took me back to my childhood!

I hope you enjoy the photos I have chosen.

Do come back in two weeks to see some photos of a lovely Cornish fishing village.


Candid moments of Mums with kids

Covent Garden. How can she
look so relaxed?

Shopping at Selfridges is hot work!

Tiger "green" car. No petrol used.
None of these in Singapore!

Big Brother seems to be an issue.
Perhaps the most famous graffitti artist is
Banksy. Have a look at his website.
Great artist!

Quite a common theme!

Contrasting architecture

Shop at Columbia Road Market

I couldn't bring myself to tell her
she has chocolate cake in her hair!

Will you marry me?

Literacy seems to be a problem in Islington!

I'll never lose my van!

Aah! What I'd do for a camera......and hairstyle
like that!

Hard night. I need a boost......

Brick Lane on a sunny Sunday morning

Great socks!

Another pair of socks top right!

Saving on overhead costs. Crafty these Japanese....

Best decorated Estate Agents in town

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Plymouth Hoe & Barbican UK

Hello. Thanks for visiting.

Did you enjoy the photos of Beijing? Now we are moving west all the way to Plymouth in the southwest of England. I lived here from when I was 10 to when I left home to study at Liverpool University. My beloved parents, sister and brother-in-law, youngest niece, and two great nieces and one great nephew all live there now!

Plymouth is in a very beautiful part of the UK. It sits on the border between Devon and Cornwall. The Centre of Plymouth was pretty much destroyed during World War II. There is an old part called “the Barbican” which is what survived. The Pilgrim Fathers left from here to go to America. Then there is Plymouth Hoe, where its most famous landmark, Smeaton’s Tower, stands (see the first photo).

Don't forget you can click on the blue links to get more information.

I hope you enjoy your “visit”.



View to the west from the Hoe

Looking east

Tinside Pool. An original 1930’s outdoor lido
swimming pool

Great colours

Beyond the pool you can see Drake's Island

View of the pool and the lighthouse

If only the weather was like this most
of the time.......

The breakwater you see and the area at the
beginning of the breakwater is Mount Batten.
It used to be an RAF Marine Base.
My father worked there for many years.
He built and maintained the small, fast rescue
boats that would pick up pilots who ditched
into the sea.

A rather empty pleasure boat!

Mount Batten

Longer view

The lighthouse, Smeaton's Tower

The Promenade with hotels on the right

First and Second World War Memorial

Plymouth Guildhall, the place where I saw many
fantastic rock bands in the 70's including
King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull

Elizabethan/Tudor Merchant House

Street in the Barbican

Barbican Waterfront

Traditional Pub

Great art work on Cap'n Jasper's eating place!

Clubs and pub

I guess this photo speaks for itself!
But click on GIN to find out more