Sunday, August 19, 2012

London August 2012 Part 1

Welcome! Photos of London in August 2012. This is Cross Bones Graveyard, near London Bridge. In medieval times it was an unconsecrated cemetery for prostitutes, or "Winchester Geese". By the18th century it had become a paupers' burial ground which closed in 1853. Here local people have created a memorial shrine. "The Outcast Dead RIP"
Puffer fish at Borough High Street market
The Thames and St Paul's Cathedral
Close up
View from the Millennium Bridge
Love that sky!
In the distance Tower Bridge decked with the Olympic Circles. Here it's 3 weeks before the start of the Olympics
The Globe Theatre
London Bridge
This was a first for me. A pedibus
Looks great fun. Costs 26 quid
On the way to Columbia Road Market. Great reflection
Lovely man, but sense of dress????
Just off Columbia Road. The dog's enjoying the ride
Buskers entertaining passers by. They add lots of colour, character and usually great music to the London experience
Another 'couple'. I love the reflections in the shop windows behind
Storm clouds gathering but the sun still shining
Young ladies in a shop window. I didn't have the courage to ask how much!
Beautiful street. Shame about the cars.........
What Columbia Road Market is all about
Fabulous trousers. She's as colourful as the market
Last 4 photos are examples of street art in London which is fantastic
Wonderful Stork
I wish I understood the message
Not so hard to understand! Part two coming up