Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Red Forts of Agra and Delhi

A very warm welcome to my blog.

I continue with photos from my trip to Delhi. I visited the Red Fort in Delhi and the one in Agra.

Both fascinating and beautiful.

The Delhi Red Fort was constructed by the Murghal Emperor Sha Jahan in 1693. The one in Agra is much older and is the most important fort in India. It is first mentioned in 1080.

The Sha Jahan lived there and was also imprisoned there by one of his sons. The Sha could see his beloved Taj Mahal from the Fort. He died there, still a prisoner.

This first photo shows the main entrance to the Delhi Red Fort, Lahore Gate.

In a couple of weeks I'll put up some photos of other great places in Delhi.

See you then


Diwan-i-Am (Hall of Public Audience).
The Mughal Emperor sat on a marble
throne here

Pearl Mosque (left) Royal Hammams (centre)
and Diwan-i-Khas (right)

Pearl Mosque (Moti Masjid)

Diwan-i-Khas interior (Hall of Private Audience)

Diwan-i-Khas - Inlay detail

Hayat Bakhsh Bagh "life-bestowing gardens"
in the Fort

The Khas Mahal, the Emperor's residence

Rang Mahal (Palace of Colour).
This was the home of the Emperor's principal wife
Mumtaz Mahal, now lying in the Taj Mahal
(see the previous edition of my blog)

Rang Mahal interior

The Shahi Burj. Emperor Shah Jahan's personal
study and library

Under the Shahi Burj arches

Inner gateway from the inside

Passing through from the main gate

Musician playing in Agra

Main entrance to the Red Fort in Agra

View of the Taj Mahal from just outside the Fort,
as the Sha Jahan would have seen it

Passing through the main gate

Happy visitors arriving from the inner gate

Fakirs make an interesting shot

Diwan-i-Am Palace

Domes of Nagina Masjid mosque which was
probably for Sha Jahan's private use when
he lived there

Looking across to the Mothi Masjid courtyard,
built by Shah Jahan for his family
and court chiefs

Jahangiri Mahal palace,
built by Akbar for his favourite son