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Thanks for coming to my blog.

Today I have uploaded some photos of the camping bit of the holiday in Italy. We went to a camping site, Il Campo dei Fiori, near a small town called Vada in Tuscany. You can see a photo of the church and another of the square.

We had a lovely time with family and friends that came to see us over the 10 days at the camping site. Not to mention the wine, the food and great weather.

My parents came from Plymouth to join Daniela, myself and Daniela’s Mum. We hired two bungalows, one opposite the other. Tullio, Daniela’s brother, his wife Sandra and their daughter Francesca came to visit us, as did several of our friends. There is a photo of the family at the table.

There is also a photo of myself with my dear friend Manuela who came to visit us with her partner Gabriele. I have known Manuela from 1984 when Daniela and I moved to live in Bologna. She is a primary school teacher and uses my blog to create English lessons for her class.

I would like to say a special hello! ciao ragazzi! to the children she teaches and a big thank you to them for following my blog. It makes me very happy to know that my blog is being put to educational use.

The other photos are of the beaches, the sunflowers, the countryside of Tuscany which I love so much.

Next weekend we'll be in Hong Kong. I am going for work so we'll have the weekend to explore. I've been several times but not had much time to see more than the Peak.

In two weeks, I'll post a tour of Torino! Do come back.



Swimming pool at the camping site

Left: Tullio, Barbara and Roy (my parents)
Right: Sandra, Germana (Daniela's Mum), Daniela and me

Manuela and me

Beach at Vada

Golfo di Baratti

Golfo di Baratti

Harvest time in Tuscany

A long view

Tuscan farmhouse, (unfortunately not ours!)

Daniela and Sunflowers

Pine forest, Baratti

Us in Baratti!

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