Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lombok - Indonesia

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After returning from the UK we took a short break to Lombok and the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

We went for a peaceful holiday to snorkel and walk on the beach. We pretty much did just that!

Next time I'll show you the island of Gili Meno.

This first shot was taken early in the morning as a night fishing boat was returning to shore.

Thanks for coming. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Some do their fishing without a boat.

One of the first things we did was to pay some
money for the privilege of releasing a young
turtle to the sea as part of the sea turtle
conservation efforts
taking place all over Indonesia.

We called him Yoyo after the lovely gentleman
who is in charge of the project at the hotel.

Yoyo didn't need any instructions. He made a
bee line for the ocean!

There was a brief moment of hesitation,
however, as if to say "My God, it's big!

But plucky fellow that he is, he just walked
straight in to his new home.

We stayed in the Holiday Resort. It used to
be the Holiday Inn Resort. It is in Sengiggi on
the east coast, north of Lombok Airport.
It wasn't yet the peak season so it was very

Daniela at the entrance from the hotel to the

A Balinese style temple.
There are many people from Bali who have
moved to Lombok for work. Bali is 4 hours
by ferry from Lombok and can be seen from
the East coast of Lombok

The gardens of the hotel are well kept and a
beautiful setting to stay in.

A reflective glass door was an excellent
way to get a shot of ourselves.
This was taken with Daniela's camera

The colours never fail to impress!

Two local children enjoying their own
beautiful environment

Daniela enjoying the sunset

Fishermen taking advantage of the low tide.

What Daniela was looking at! On the horizon,
top left, you should be able to make out Bali.

This was taken on our way to get the ferry
from Lombok to Gili Meno

And these last photos were taken on the
journey back from Gili Meno to the airport.
Here we are arriving on the ferry at Lombok.

Some, of course, travel in style!

Inland Lombok is very beautiful with lots of
rice paddies. May is the end of the wet season
so it was lush and very green. The next 3
photos show this.

To get back to the airport we were driven
through part of the Monkey Forest.
Here is one of the inhabitants, a
long- tailed grey macaque monkey
who had just taken a peanut from me.

Gili Meno is a very small island off the North
West coast of Lombok. Don't miss the next
posting in a couple of weeks!