Sunday, May 18, 2008

Auckland - New Zealand

Hi, thanks for dropping by.

We had a very special time in New Zealand. We stayed with our dear friends Mike and Ellen who live on Waiheke Island. It is a small island 40 minutes by ferry from Auckland. During our time on holiday we relaxed on Waiheke Island, spent some time exploring Auckland, and we took a trip to the centre of the North Island.

Over the next few weeks I will post photos from our holiday. New Zealand is stunningly beautiful. We only saw a small part of it and are looking forward to going back sometime to explore the South Island.

We enjoyed the food that tasted so fresh and healthy and trying out some of the wide selection of excellent New Zealand wine. If you like wine, try the Pinot Noir!

I hope you enjoy exploring New Zealand through my blog. Do come back. In two weeks I’ll show you photos of Waiheke Island.

This posting is dedicated to the city of Auckland, the views from Waiheke Island and the views you can see on the ferry from Waiheke Island to Auckland. Of course Auckland’s SkyTower, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, features quite often as it is the icon of the Auckland skyline.



Modern architecture in the heart of the city

The more traditional Victorian Ferry Building

Walking along the viaduct. We were immediately
struck by the beauty of New Zealand's skies

Our very close friends Mike and Ellen who gave
us a wonderful holiday. Daniela bringing up the rear

The first of many shots of the Sky Tower

A wide angle city shot

The Sky Tower dominates the skyline.
For the first four nights I stayed in the
Sky Tower hotel which is the long red
building under the Sky Tower

A building in the colourful, iconic suburb
of Ponsonby

Majestic! You can take a walk on the outer
circular platform. Or you can jump off it!
Needless to say...... I didn't!

A view of part of the city from the top
of the Sky Tower

The port taken from the Tower

Dramatic sky from the Sky Tower

This is the Auckland War Memorial Museum

Clock Tower at the University of Auckland.
Inspitred by Tom Tower at Christ Church,

The skyline taken from Waiheke Island

I took the rest of the photos from the ferry that
links Waiheke Island to Auckland

As you travel towards Auckland the impressive
skyline grows bigger and clearer

Rolling green countryside

I couldn't resist this cute little boat

Beautiful soft hills

About 20 minutes to go

15 minutes

Looks like a beautiful place to live!

10 minutes

And here we are! Next time the beauty of
Waiheke Island. See you then