Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hong Kong


Welcome back. Sorry for the delay in posting the photos of Hong Kong. Last Saturday I had to work and I had no time on Sunday.

Here’s Hong Kong. We had a really great time visiting the Peak, taking boat trips and generally exploring the city. I hope you enjoy seeing it and perhaps it will bring back fond memories if you have been there.

The fountain is from the park in Admiralty, near the British Council. Couldn’t resist taking a shot of the little girl running out from underneath. The only other photo that needs explanation is the one looking downhill down a long street with escalators running up it. This is the central-mid level series of escalators which together is the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world.

The other photos are classic views of the stunning Bay, the cute trams, and the amazing architecture.

Hong Kong is a fascinating city. Next time I'll show you some photos of Lantau Island where there is an enormous Buddha and a town they call the Venice of Hong Kong. Do come back!



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