Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lantau Island Hong Kong

Hello and welcome.

This week I am posting photos of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. We spent a day there. You get there by ferry from Hong Kong Island very easily and the slow ferry is better as it is an open boat. It only takes about an hour.

On Lantau island we went to see Tian Tan Buddha. It is very big and you have to climb lots of steps to get up close. I’ll let you read all about it at the Wikipedia link.

While we were there we had a vegetarian meal at the monastery in the grounds beneath the statue.

Then we went to Tai O. We were told that it is known as the Venice of Hong Kong. The reason is, as you see from the photos,that the village is built up on stilts. While we were there it was low tide, but when the tide comes in the village is sitting on water.

A very old place with people living pretty much as they have done for the last three centuries. Although TV antennas were evident! They sell everything that is fish or associated with fish. And they dry it.

We had a great day there and the ferry trip going back to Honk Kong Island as the sun was setting was great.

Tomorrow (Sunday 9 September) I am flying to Kuala Lumpur for a week. I will be participating in a management course there. I come back to Singapore next weekend, have one day to get ready, and then I am off to Moscow! I will be running a course with a colleague of mine on Team Management. I come back on 26 September. An exciting 3 weeks ahead!

So my next posting will be in 3 weeks. Don’t miss it!