Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bird Park Singapore

Hello and thanks for coming to my blog

Tomorrow Daniela and I are going to the UK. Specifically to London and Plymouth.
It’s a holiday to see family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of New Zealand.

This posting is a set of photos from our visit to the Bird Park, here in Singapore, in April this year.

It’s a lovely park with a wide variety of of interesting and beautiful birds. I hope you enjoy them. They delighted us.

We are back in Singapore on July 16. As soon as I can after that I will upload the next posting. I have some photos of Beijing to share with you from when I went there for work in May.

Until then, take care and happy bird watching!



Nothing like a good stretch...

....or a good scratch. Don't you just love my beak!

Ooooer...that guy behind me looks a bit rough!
I'm getting out of here.....

I'm a100% cute duck!

What a pink riot! Come and join the
Carribbean flamingo party.

The latest American secret weapon

I'm an intense chap with attitude

Some just don't care what they look like!

I should be on a birthday card

Hello! You'll need sunglasses for the next
few photos. We are so bright, bold, and beautiful.

I've got my eye on you

I really like having my photo taken

So I paid Alan to take me again

I'm listening.....go on

It looks like we are kissing but actually we are
having a fierce, feathery, furious, fight.

I'm the last of the gorgeous guys, simply
stunning works of nature aren't we?

Meditating on........

"That's MY branch!"
"Since when! I'll fight you for it"

Grooming and preening

Bet you can't do this.
We do it in pairs.......

......on our own..........

........and in groups

I invented the word "smug"!

I love you sooooo much!

Thanks for coming to visit us! We miss you already