Thursday, April 29, 2010

Penangites - the People of Penang

Hi and thanks for coming. The photographer that takes the photos that I wish I could take is Steve McCurry. Click on the link to see just how good he is if you are not familiar with his work. I like taking different types but more than anything I like taking photos of people.

While walking the streets of Georgetown I took these photos of Penangites, the people of Penang. For some of them I asked the person permission. Nobody refused and some like this lovely gentleman took time to make the most of the occasion.

He was reclining, drinking tea and chatting to a friend. He
looked so relaxed I wanted to capture the moment but when
I asked if I could take his photo he quickly got up and sat for me. But still a relaxed pose. I love his kain, (sarong).

Some of the other shots are more candid.

I hope you enjoy them. In the meantime I'll continue to aspire to Steve McCurry's level!

Compared to Singapore it is striking how
many people you see not rushing from A to B.
This "tuan" (gentleman in Bahasa Malaysia)
chatted to me for a while. His father served in
the British Army. He was clearly very proud
of his dad

It's not just tourists who take rickshaws

This man did not rush to get
up. He was quite happy to
remain in the reclining position!

Very hot work cleaning this shrine!
I wish I knew what the sign says.
Can anyone tell me? The shrine is opposite
a temple

Two lads I met who work at the market. They
were very happy to have their photo taken

A bit of a celebrity in town. He is the king of
Popiah, a Fujian/Chaozhou-style fresh spring
roll. It is amazing to watch his skill after
years of practice. Perhaps the mix and his
arm really have become one!

A lady painting the pattern for a beautiful batik
fabric. There are lots of artisans in Penang

Young and bright!

Lithe young muscular bodies pushing the
ski jet into the sea. Hands up all you blokes
who are jealous!

And in she goes!

But you can't be active all the time and
curling up in a rickshaw with a pink cushion is
a good way to get a nap

Standing/sitting in the shade having a chat

Young men just coming out of the Penang
State Museum were quick to jump at a
photo opportunity

Cutting water chestnuts

"All I ever get in the post is publicity!"

So cute.........and so proud



I leave you with a photo of Mr. Gopal. He took
us on a couple of trips to places of interest
around Penang. His gentle kindness greatly
contributed to the enjoyment we experienced
during our stay there.

Next time, a Penang temple feast!

Do come and join me again