Saturday, June 29, 2013

Urban Sreet Art - London

Welcome to this issue of my blog which is a celebration of urban street artists who decorate  the City with their creativity and artistic skills

Most of these photos were taken in the Brick Lane and Whitechapel area 

Someone likes Del Boy! If you are interested in London Street Art have a look at the Street Art London website

It is full of interesting news about the art and the artists. This painting is a favourite as I am a Quadrophenia fan

You can also get a "Geo Street Art" app for your iphone if you have one. It will help you find all the best Street Art near you when you are in London

Another great site is "Ravishlondon Street Art"

Of course, it is illegal, but it has become a welcome addition to the London scene for many Londoners and visitors

Sometimes the art is random, as this display of objects in a cycle basket

Ravishlondon describes street art as "Exposed to the ravages of urban life, street art can be considered transient, delicate, beautiful and fragile - as a butterfly or wild flower in spring. Done well, it reaches out and touches your soul, increasing the quality of your emotions as you trudge through the city."

Enigmatic teaser? Is this a reference to Banksy's stolen graffiti that was resold at an art auction in America?

There is a huge variety of style and technique

London street artists have turned certain parts of London upside down and into an open air art gallery

Not art painted directly onto a building, but I like the message!

Striking and arresting...'s impossible not to notice as you walk by, unless it is part of your commuter route!

Strange, alien, and not so modest, beings lurk near markets

Beautiful but scary women await you in the streets

The photographer (me) at work, capturing all this wonderful art

This is superb. No burglar would even try....

Street display, all for very afraid

How could any woman resist!

Backpack ready and off to work?

and then then you pass worlds of fantasy... 

...with extraordinary and fantastical beings...

...but this geezer looks like he might be able to help you out in a fight with a huge green reptile!

Tut, tut, such goings on...I wonder what beer they were drinking?

Solitary thinker?


A radiant being

My wife on party night!

Art with a message?
The Huffington Post Street Art page is another great place for information and what's going on in London and around the world.