Monday, December 04, 2006

Welcome to Spanish Village

Hello and thanks for coming to my blog.

Just over a month ago Daniela and I moved to Spanish Village, a touch of Occident in the Orient! It is a circle of low-rise (four floors) blocks. In the middle there is a pool, gym, squash court and two tennis courts. Our flat is on the second floor (here the one above ground floor). It is a bit bigger than our previous home with a third bedroom. Our great pleasure is a balcony that gives us the chance to eat and sit outside, listen to the crickets and watch the squirrels running in the palm trees.

I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of where we live.

I thought you might enjoy the incongruity of the Christmas tree flanked by palm trees in the last picture taken at the entrance

Next time pictures from an Indian Festival of Indian dance, music and craft, not to mention food, organised by the Temple of Fine Arts in Singapore. See you then.



1 comment:

Jo said...

Hi Alan.
I'm not envious. No, no,no!
Your place looks lovely and I'm glad you and Daniela are happy there. You must be enjoying yourselves if you're going for another contract.
Happy Christmas to you both. Have a great trip.
Love Johanna