Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hamadryas Baboon + Sleeping Leopard

Hi and welcome.

Thanks for coming. This week I am dedicating my blog, almost entirely, to the Hamadryas Baboon. Splendidly outrageous, I make no apology for the unashamed display of these amazing creatures. They delighted me and I hope they will delight you too.

In complete contrast the sleeping leopard is also unashamedly lost in his afternoon nap with a posture that demonstrates he is truly at the top of the food chain ie couldn't give a rat's ass! (to stay in the world of animal imagery!)

Daniela and I are beginning to see a home emerge after unpacking so I will definitely have some photos of our new nest and it's surroundings in the next posting.

Look forward to your next visit




Anonymous said...

Hello I'm Ottavia. My English teacher is Manuela Martignani. She speaks very much about you and your blog!! Today she has shown in class the photos of the leopard and the monkeys! they are very pretty!!!Then we have written a text taken from your blog (about the leopard and the monkeys). So I wanted to visit your blog!
I understand that you are a person always ready to make new discoveries !!! THANKS TO THIS BLOG I WILL LEARN MANY THINGS, I' M SURE! BYE BYE OTTAVIA

Alan said...

Hello Ottavia

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I am very happy you are enjoying it. Please say hello to your teacher Manuela Martignani from me and to your class. I will keep updating my blog evey two weeks so I hope you will see many things you like.

Ciao. Alan