Sunday, December 17, 2006

Temple of Fine Arts Festival


If you are celebrating Christmas good luck with the last week's preparations :)

My pre-Christmas posting contains photos from The Temple of Fine Arts Festival in Singapore that Daniela and I went to two weeks ago. It was held in a small park. In the middle was a stage where there was a continuous stream of music, dance and even a sari fashion show!

We loved it. We enjoy Sacred Hindu Dance (Odissi, Bharatanatyam) and were treated to a wonderful performance of Odissi. Classical Indian sitar and tabla also featured. But then there was also folk dance and music, Bhangra and of course Bollywood. So all tastes were covered.

Talking of taste, there was of course great Indian food to be had as well as stalls selling Indian artefacts and promoting Indian Art. The event was organised by volunteers, many of them being the parents of the children who study at the Temple of Fine Arts.

The first photo was taken by Daniela when students paid homage to a dance teacher who has taught generations of children. The respect that was shown to her (I hope you get an idea from the photo) was moving and stood out in stark contrast to the experience of so many teachers in schools today.

Click here to know more about the Temple of Fine Arts

I hope you enjoy the photos. Come back next week for a special Christmas toast!



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