Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

To all my readers, I wish you a really happy and memorable time over the Christmas period and that 2007 will be a very special year for you.

I will continue to post my blog regularly and hope you will come by and keep in touch.

Below are some Christmas photos from Singapore. We are celebrating with our very dear friends John and Jen who have come over from London. Tomorrow we are all off to Vietnam.

Today, Christmas day, we went for a walk in the Malay area of Singapore so as well as the classic Christmas photos there are a couple of photos of Malay people having fun too. Can you spot me in the Christmas decoration? Not very difficult! The fluffy pink Christmas tree took first prize for us and there was stiff competition as they love Christmas trees here.

I'll be back in Singapore on 6 January and of course my first postings will be from Vietnam. So after you have finished celebrating and we are all back to normal come and have a look.

Until then good cheer to all!



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