Saturday, September 16, 2006

A walk in Singapore


Welcome. After the UK we are back in Singapore. Last posting was all people, this time buildings. I have posted some photos of when Daniela and I went for a walk. We went to a part of the city which has some of the older shophouses that have been restored. The photos show some of the old (restored) and the new. Quite a contrast.

I work in a building right next to the tallest building you can see in the first picture. But you can't see it!

The third photo showing the building with an illuminated number 9 hanging outside is a brothel.....

All is well with us. I have recently been promoted. So I now have responsibility for the management of some trainers and clents. Daniela is enjoying her work as a Gyrotonics teacher.

Last weekend we went to a resort in Malaysia surrounded by mangrove swamps with my colleagues and their families. We didn't see any crocodiles but a swimming monkey was spotted! It was an annual outing. Last year we went to Malacca together. I'll post some pics of our trip to the swamps next time.



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