Sunday, October 01, 2006

A walk in the park

Hi and welcome!

This week I have posted some photos of the Botanical Gardens in Singapore.

Just before leaving London to come to live here I saw a giant poster at London Bridge advertising Singapore. The designers of the poster had superimposed some of the most famous landmarks in Singapore onto a landscape from the Botanical Gardens. The slogan read:

"You have heard of cities with a garden. Singapore is a garden with a city".

There are a lot of green parts here and even the city has lots of trees, flowers, fountains and koi ponds. One of the advantages of not having a vandalism problem.

There is an orchid garden in the Botanical Gardens. You can go to ballet concerts under the stars and have picnics. Not to mention lots of people jofgging, doing Tai Chi and other martial arts.

I hope you enjoy the "walk in the park"



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