Sunday, September 03, 2006

UK holiday - family and two little friends

Hello and welcome to the last posting of photos from our trip to the UK this summer.

I'd like you to meet some of my family and a couple of very special little friends.

We went to a wedding in Kent. My first cousin, Sharon, got married. That's the first three pictures. The group one has the newly married couple, my parents, Auntie June, my eldest niece Michelle with her husband Nick and little Louise.

We had a picnic in Victoria Park in London with our friends. The litle girl in the bag is Sofia, our god-daughter. Her sister, Zoe, is sitting on the grass. Both very dear to Daniela and I.

Then there are pics of my great nieces in the garden of my sister's house in Plymouth. The elder one is Eleana (with the red hair) and the younger is Megan. The second photo of them is with my Mum. Also one of Daniela having her hair braided by her Mum!

Two days before we left Plymouth my great nephew, Harrison, was born. So we got to meet him. A very special arrival as he is the first male child born into the family since me. And that was a long time ago!

Finally my immediate family having dinner in an Italian restaurant in Plymouth. My, parents, Daniela's Mum, my sister Annette and her husband Tony.

Next time I'll post some photos of when our friends, a family of four, came to visit us in August.

Thanks very much for coming and greetings from Singapore.



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