Sunday, August 20, 2006

Borough Market, London Bridge

Welcome to an issue of my blog dedicated to food!

When Daniela and I were living in Surrey Quays, before moving to Singapore, we would usually spend a good part of Saturday mornings having breakfast (espresso & croissant) and shopping at Borough Market.

It used to be a favourite of Jamie Oliver's too, so we figured we were in good company, and indeed saw him on several occasions (had to drag Daniela away!).

So while in London in June we just had to go and repeat our Saturday morning ritual. We went with Jen, a close friend of ours. Jen, with her partner John, kindly put us up in their flat, let us use it as a base throughout out stay and helped us out in so many ways. In the second picture Daniela is on the left, Jen on the right.

Next week I'll do one more posting from our trip to the UK. It will be a collage of photos called special moments. Don't miss it!

Thanks for coming. I am very much motivated to continue the blog as a result of feedback I get. Don't forget, you can leave comments if you want.



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