Sunday, October 04, 2009

A night of Formula 1 sans automobile (almost)

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I was going to post the second set of Guangzhou photos this week. But we went to a night of Formula 1 in Singapore so I thought I would show you these photos while the F1 season is still running. We went to the qualifiers on the Saturday night.

I do need to manage your expectations a little. If you are hoping for stunning photos of the cars you will be sorely disappointed!

Having no experience of taking photos at sporting events, I went blissfully ignorant of the skills required to capture a car travelling at blistering speed, at night, and behind fencing.

So failed miserably!

But it was a beautiful night and very exciting. I had never been to a Formula 1 race track before. I'll go back next year if I can but I promise I'll learn how to shoot racing cars before then!

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Daniela was in the Ferrari team but as she wasn't travelling at blistering speed I managed to capture her at least!

Next time I will show you the photos of the lovely people of Guangzhou.

'Till then have a good two weeks ahead.


We arrived at Boat Quay where one of the
entrances to the race was. It was a lovely

To go to the race we crossed this bridge.
On the right side is the Fullerton Hotel,
a landmark and historic building.

We are now inside the race area. Part of the
race track is along the Esplanade bridge you
can see. You can also see the Singapore Flyer
(wheel) and the strange buildings
(that look like durians) on the left that make
up the Esplanade Theatre.

Part of the track. We had a walkabout ticket.
We could wander around but we did not have
a seat in any of the grandstands.

A very slow car and very accommodating to
my incompetence!

Part of the race track with the nearly
completed Integrated Resort behind

Last year we watched the F1 from one of
the high floors of the Maybank Tower.
It was a lot quieter up there!

The rich were in town for the race. Some
came by boat. The Fullerton Hotel is on
the right and you can see the Merlion
straight ahead.

The setting sun reflecting off the buildings
of the Integrated Resort

The classic view of the Singapore skyline. The
backdrop for the race is enchanting.

Part of the track "sans automobile!"

Spot the car. It's there........honest!

The cars also fly across the Anderson Bridge

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

City Hall left, Supreme Court right and the
Star Ship Enterprise otherwise known as the
Supreme Law Court of Singapore above. So
much more beautiful at night. A great
backdrop to the race.

Got this one completely in focus. I don't
think the driver is anyone famous though.

Is it a rock concert of a F1 race? People
waiting for the qualifiers to start.

The Singapore cricket club right in the middle
of it all.

Spot the car in this shot......

Well, I saved it until almost the end; my best
shot of a moving car! Can you work out
which team it belongs to?

A final shot of the beautiful Fullerton Hotel

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