Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guangzhou China - the human side

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As I walked around Guangzhou I was struck by the friendliness of the people. Always ready to help me when invariably I got a bit lost! Many moments of brief interaction with a smile.

The photos here show a variety of people I "met" or saw over the two days. They made my visit to their city special. I hope you enjoy meeting them too.

This is a serious little chap. I love the pushchair.
I had never seen one like that before

Next time I will show you more of Guangzhou, the old and the new.

See you then :)


Schoolboys on the Haizhu bridge

I was struck by how many people I saw
struggling with heavy loads. Muscles straining
faces pained, this couple push their vehicle
up the incline of the Haizhu bridge

And going in the opposite direction, this
man leans into his bike in the heat of the day.
How much can you load on to a push bike?

The City planners are obviously aware of the
needs of the people to some extent. They
provide a ramp in the steps. Doesn't make
it easy.......................but easier!

The question here is what's in those bags?!
If it's feathers, I guess he's OK

The man on the left wanted to make sure I
took the photo of his friend rather than him.

He does have a lovely smile and face,
so I obliged.

This gentleman spent quite a long time
grooming his beard before he would let me
take his photo.

This is the first of a mini series of three photos.
I was enchanted by these children. Little
brother is already quite the expert in the
art of massage.........

....but soon gets tired. Obviously fun had by

But to pose properly one has to be a little
serious. This shot is one of my favourites.

Talking of posing...the young lady in the hat
seems to have attracted some attention.

So of course I had to oblige too

I couldn't work out what game these young
men were playing. The little one seemed a bit
distracted but the other two didn't even
notice I was there.

One of the great pleasures China offers is
observing people in parks and the numerous
activities that they engage in. But it was all a
bit too much for the gentleman on the bench.

You can't hear it but the music was blaring
and the people were dancing, with a partner
or alone.

On Shamian island two people have made
that most profound commitment. The
profundity of the moment has made the little
bridesmaid go rather shy

Ah! That look! A timeless moment

A face that shows a hard life. As all cities
Guangzhou has the fortunate, and the less so.
But he gave me a smile nonetheless.

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