Saturday, August 30, 2008

Looe, Cornish Fishing Village, UK

Good to see you. Thanks for coming to my blog. This edition shows photos of a small Cornish fishing village called Looe. It is a typical Cornish picturesque village and is located on the South coast of Cornwall, not far from Plymouth. There are many others in Cornwall.

It was cloudy and raining in the morning but after lunch the sun came out so I managed to get some sunny shots!

Cream tea, tiddy oggies (Cornish pasties), fudge and lovely pubs are some of the delights of Cornwall.

This first picture is Daniela and myself.

I have just got back from Delhi India. I went
there for work and also had three days being
the tourist. Lots of photos to share with you
so do come back!


Sightseeing boat

Tiny church

An attractive back lane! I love
the yellow drainpipes!

Who me? Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth....

My Dad getting up close with Betty Boop!
She doesn't seem to be too impressed!!

Cute shop front window

A picturesque pub

Looking up the River Looe

Tide's out

Looe's medieval steeple from a distance.......

.......and close up. It used to help sailors
find Falmouth

Picture postcard

Nelson the seal adopted Looe and became a
famous citizen of Looe. He only had one eye,
hence the name Nelson. He died in 2003.
Now he is permanently on the banks of the
river Looe for people to remember him.

View across the bay

The beach

The coastline just past the village


John said...

Alan - just to show that your blog is visited. 'Picturesque' is used twice... tut!

I sometimes wish I had used a camera a bit more - but givcen time I will collect all the shots of the distant East I could have taken here on your blog :)


Anonymous said...

Good photos but
1) the tiny church was the parish church until fairly recently and several hundred crammed in in 1959 at my father's funeral - he was the vicar!
2) Your first view of the steeple is in fact the Guildhall in East Looe, built in the 19th century
The next photo is the medieval St Nicholas church in West Looe