Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Walk in Moscow

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This is the last posting of Moscow. Apart from the Red Square (last week's posting) there are many other interesting and beautiful places to see. The picture on the left here is from a park just opposite Gorky Park where there are an amazing number of statues of famous Russians. This, of course, is Lenin.

Enjoy the walk around Moscow. I have indicated what the photos are of and there are many links to help you find out more about Moscow.

Next week I'll show you photos of the Perhentian Islands, off the North East coast of Malaysia, where we were a couple of weeks ago.

Have a great 2 weeks



A Russian Pinocchio!

Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky the founder of Cheka,
the forerunner of the KGB

The KGB, now called the FSB, the Federal Security Service
of the Russian Federation

Autumn scenes in Gorky Park

The gate to Gorky Park.

Novodevichy Convent

Underground Station. The Moscow underground is stunning.
It is not permitted to take photos of the stations underground
but click on the link above to see photos. This is a great website.

Moskva River

Red October Chocolate factory

Peter the Great (Peter 1 of Russia)

View of the Kremlin from the Moskva River

A wedding in Moscow

The bridesmaids

View of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour from the river

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Singers at Izmaylovo market

Matroyshka dolls

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