Monday, October 15, 2007

Moscow - The Red Square

Hi and and a warm welcome (back) to my blog.

I would like to thank my regular visitors. My blog does not have a wide readership but I do enjoy sharing with you the beautiful places I have been lucky enough to see.

We have just returned from a Malaysian tropical paradise. A very beautiful island. I will tell you about that and show you some photos when I have finished showing you Moscow. This first posting of Moscow is all dedicated to the Red Square and the walls that contain the Kremlin.

It is stunning. I couldn’t stop taking shots. It was helped by the weather. People there explained to me that what we call an “Indian Summer” in the UK they call an “Old Woman’s Summer” (in Russian: бабье лето). I was very lucky to see Moscow at its best.

Of course there is so much history attached to this place. I won’t even begin to tell you about it. But do go to the Wikipedia site by clicking here to find out the basic facts.

The first picture of me (taking a photo!) was shot by my colleague and friend Andy. We were in Russia together to deliver a team management training course.

Lenin's mausoleum is there. It is the small building in front of the wall in picture 8.

Enjoy the photos and in two weeks I will take you for a walk around Moscow!


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Manoj Vasudevan said...

Hi Alan

Red square is marvelous.

Your photos are well composed and it accentuates the beauty of the monuments.

Good show! Looking forward to see other snaps including those of Perhentian, Malaysia.