Monday, June 04, 2007

Hanoi - last photos

Hi and a warm welcome!

I am posting some last photos of when I was in Hanoi.

On Friday 15 I am flying to Italy and I’ll be away for 3 weeks. Before going I will make a last posting of a few photos of an Indonesia resort that we went to last weekend.

Daniela is leaving this Sunday to spend a week with her Mum on her own. Then when I arrive my parents will be coming from Italy and we will all be staying on a camping site in Tuscany (in bungalows not tents!). Daniela’s brother and family will be joining us for a weekend as he has a camper van. So we’ll all be together in beautiful Tuscany.

After my parents have returned we will go to Turin and visit other members of Daniela’s family, some of which we have not seen since 1985/6!

Oh and by the way, the naked lady in the first picture was standing in the square as brazen as you like......on further investigation I realised that all the shops in the square sold naked ladies and gentlemen too. A naked manikin's pardise!

See you soon.



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