Saturday, May 19, 2007

Life on a bike in Hanoi


Last week I was in Hanoi for work. I love this city! I had some free time too. I was in Hanoi in January and took a lot of photos then. I posted some of them to my blog. You can still see all the photos I posted of Vietnam in the January and February postings.

So this time I concentrated on "Life on a bike in Hanoi" People on bikes and mopeds are a distinguishing feature of this wonderful place. I tried to capture it through the camera.

I hope you enjoy it



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Pap Thuy said...

My family, we used to be 4 people on a motor bike travelling all places around Hanoi and to my father's hometown 200km away !!
Now I cant imaged how we could squeeze 4 ppl on a tiny motor bike !

I have a motor bike at home too :)