Monday, March 12, 2007

Taipei - temples

Hello and a big welcome (back) to my blog.

When Daniela and I travel in Asia the first thing we do is hit the temple trail and when we went to Taipei we made no exception. I had been in Taipei for 3 days running some training courses and then Daniela came to join me.

So the first day we visited 5 temples. They were:
Lungshan Temple
Chingshan Temple
Chingshui Temple
Paoan Temple
Confucian Temple

We loved each one and found the first three of them to be teeming with people making their offerings to the God or Gods of the temple. The amount of incense being burnt was amazing. The temples were very close together so easy to visit

The last two were set in quite big grounds, in another part of the city and less busy but beautiful and contemplative.

I hope the photos give you a feel of the nature of the Temples of Taiwan. Click on the name of each temple to be taken to a link for more information.

Also click here to go to a nice site on the sites of Taiwan. Next time I’ll show you some photos of and from the tallest building in the world: Taipei 101



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