Sunday, March 25, 2007

Taipei - the City

Welcome to this second edition on Taipei

After exploring the temples we started to look more closely at the city. The first few shots were taken as we walked around the city. If you would like more information about the places we visited then just click on the blue text and you will find out more.

Then you see the shots of and from the tallest building in the world (at the time of publishing – there are other contenders coming up fast!) The lift takes you to the 89 floor. It goes very fast but you don’t feel it. The view is amazing . You realise that Taipei 101 is the only really tall building in the city. As you look out nothing comes close. There are lots of interesting facts about Taipei 101

We also went to the National Palace Museum. The setting is beautiful. It is away from the centre of Taipei but you can reach it easily with public transport. The Museum is rated highly as having the best collection of Asian artefacts after the British Museum. In fact the Museum had just re-opened and the British Museum was also there showing some exhibits. The most famous exhibit is the Jade Cabbage! You'll see it on the linked site. A great day out.

After spending a night relaxing in a Japanese guest house with a spa in our room we made our way to the furthest point on the Taipei underground which is called Danshui. This was a real an eye opener. It gave us a completely different perspective on the city. To be able to get from the heart of the city to the river/sea in a little over half an hour so easily makes Taipei very attractive. It was a beautiful day, our last day (we flew back to Singapore that night). It was a Sunday afternoon so lots of Taiwanese enjoying being away from the city and relaxing.

That concludes the Taipei postings. It is a diverse city with great people, food and lovely temples.

In two weeks time Daniela and I will be flying off to the Phi Phi islands (pronounced pee pee). They are two small islands off the cost of Thailand, about a 90 minute boat trip from Phuket.

Before I go I will upload a short posting so you have something to look at while I am away! If you are curious come back and find out what it is!