Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Istanbul - The Mosques

Hi, as always welcome back to my blog. We are back in Singapore now from the UK. We had a fantastic time seeing family and friends. There was a family wedding and the birth of my new Great Nephew. The first male child born into the family since I was born!! So quite an event. We were also extremely lucky with the weather and I will post some photos later of the holiday in the UK with England looking at its best!

This posting is to show some photos of the mosques in Istanbul. For me Istanbul is one of the most stunning cities I have seen. I love cities with rivers or on the coast as I lived by the sea throuhout my childhood. So its no surprise that I found it so seductive. Its natural setting is very beautiful.

The mosques are also an integral part of the beauty of Istanbul. I hope you enjoy the photos.

The first five photos are of the Blue Mosque. One of the most famous.

Photos 6, 7 and 8 are of Hagia Sophia. It used to be a Christian Church, then it became a mosque and now is a museum. It has been looking over Istanbul for more than 1,500 years

The penultimate photo is of a mosque next to the hotel I stayed at while working. It is an area called Ortakoy. Finally a view from the water.

Next time I will show you panoramic views of Istanbul. I will update again quickly so do come back.



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