Saturday, June 10, 2006

Protect yourself from evil

Hi, thanks for coming.

Bali is 90% Hindu. The Balinese, as part of their Hinduism, have a close connection to animism. People go to Ubud to learn how to paint, how to sculpture and also how to practise black and white magic. It is all part of their understanding that Chaos and Order have to be balanced and that is the ultimate quest. Not the defeat and removal of Evil or Chaos but the perfect balance between Evil and Good or Chaos and Order. Penis power is big in Bali as are grotesque statues to help protect you from black magic and evil spirits. Trance and dance go together and these are common practices in the villages. Our driver who took us to the airpot told us he had danced (a Kris dance with Kris knives) in his village until 3 a.m. and 'woken' to find all his clothes torn. We were a bit worried about his ability to take us safely to the airport!!!! Even though Bali is moving with the times and has embraced tourism, their lives and the fabric of their society is firmly woven into their religious traditions.

A few pictures for you to give you a sense of the grotesque statues and the penis power that are clearly not just the remains of a lost tradition.

We are leaving for London on Tuesday 13 June. We are away for 3 weeks. So there won't be an update until I get back. I have some photos of traditional Balinese dance and some of the temples in Ubud. That will be the next posting and will conclude the Bali edition.

We are so looking forward to seeing friends and family.

Take care....until July



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