Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Great Wall of China

Thank you for coming to see my blog. Sorry it has been three weeks instead of the usual two. Daniela and I got back from Beijing on Tuesday. We had a brilliant time there. As with Laos I have divided the photos up into 'episodes". We start with The Great Wall of China

We had been told to go early. Because last weekend included the holiday of the 1st May we were told that crowds would arrive in Beijing for the "Golden Week". The Chinese have a week's holiday and many come into Beijing to visit family and to visit Beijing themselves.

We got to the Wall at 9 am after a two hour drive from Beijing. It is stunning! 4500 miles long stretching from Mongolia to the Gobi desert and more than 2000 years old. The brain can hardly take in the work that went into it. You may know that in and around Beijing it can be very hazy and that Beijing has had, I think, 8 sandstorms so far this year. As you can see from the pics it was very hazy, though the sun did come out and it lifted a bit later on. We walked for about two and a half hours. An excellent work-out particularly for the legs. They were still protesting two days later!

We also loved the fact that it was Spring, something you don't see in Singapore. The trees all had new leaves growing and many with blossom.

A very memorable day and although you can't see much of the landscape around the Wall I hope you enjoy these photos.

Next time "The Forbidden City"

This afternoon we are leaving for a weeks holiday in Bali. Some rest by the sea......of course I'll be taking the camera.........



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