Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cable car and Sentosa

Welcome back and Happy Easter!

Hope you have a relaxing break. In Singapore Good Friday is a holiday but not Easter Monday. But we do get two public holidays in May.

This time I have posted some photos of when Daniela and I went to Sentosa by cable car. Sentosa is the island just off Singapore where we had the dinner and dance and I was wearing a skirt! The most expensive, but by far the most interesting way to get to the island is by cable car. We went late afternoon, listened to some live jazz, saw the sunset, ate a pizza on the beach and caught the cable car back. It was a lovely evening and although Sentosa is a bit touristy and man-made it can still be lovely and is certainly a great way to spend a Saturday evening, just 45 minutes from home! I hope you enjoy the photos.

It's a busy and exciting time coming up over the next two months. The week after next I am going to Beijing for work for a week. Daniela will join me at the end and we'll have 3 days to look around. On 6 May we are booked to go to Bali for a week on the beach. A week after returning from Bali I go to Istanbul, again for work, and get to spend 8 days there. I am taking a couple of days free to explore. Istanbul has always been on my list of places I really want to see, but I never thought I'd be going from Singapore! And then 10 days later we fly to London for a holiday to catch up with friends and family.

So look out on the blog. I'll update it as regularly as I can with photos of all the trips.

Take care and come back soon.



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