Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chinese New Year


Sorry for the delay in updating. I was away in Hong Kong for work for 10 days without a break so have got a bit behind. Hong Kong was wonderful but sooooo cold! I wasn't prepared and had very inadequate clothing! There were at least 20 degrees centigrade difference between Hong Kong and Singapore. Of course I don't expect any sympathy from anyone reading in the UK or Northern Europe as I know it has been a very cold winter.

While in Hong Kong it was great to catch up with two ex-colleagues from Shane London, Kath (and her soon to be husband Jake) and Kim. Kath is working at the British Council in Hong Kong and Kim was visiting her on her way to Australia. A Vietnamese meal was the perfect way to catch up.

Here are some pictures taken at the time of Chinese New Year. As you can see it was a cloudy and rainy day but somewhat atmospheric. Daniela can be seen with her Chinese Year. She is a Dog (no comments pleaee!!!!)I'm a Goat (again no comments.....). This year, if you didn't know, is the Year of the Dog, so Daniela's year, but it doesn't sound so great.........The last photo taken at night is of Clarke Quay. The Quay is surrounded by restaurants and bars.

Take care, have a good week and I'll update again in a couple of weeks.


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