Sunday, February 12, 2006

Laos: People


Welcome back. Here are photos of some of the people we met/saw while on holiday.

This first picture was taken quite early on New Years Day. Clearly a successful night!

A man in Luang Prabhang enjoys the early morning sunshine

People from a village outside Luang Prabang. The girl was a hard negotiator. Daniela bought a little bracelet for well above the RRP...

Children from the village on the opposite side of the Mekong river from Luang Prabang

Children playing on the anti aircraft gun at Wat Phousi

Boat girls, on the river Nam Khan a bit embarrassed at having their picture taken.

Girls on an afternoon jaunt taking a rest. I wonder if they are going to order Dark Beer.

A little bundle of fun

Monks enjoying the evening sunset in Vientiane at That Luang

We were safely guarded in our hotel in Chiang Mai by this lovely gentleman

I hope you enjoyed this series covering our holiday. Next time some pics of Chinese New Year

Have a good week everyone



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