Sunday, March 25, 2012

Burmese People

Hi and welcome. Hope you enjoy these photos of Burmese people, children and a few of the photographer at work
I seem to be a little heavier than the twigs!
I'm going to be a hot air balloon pilot when I grow up!
We so love our photo being taken
Who's looking at the photo, and who at the photographer? This photo was taken by Daniela, my wife
A fashion statement. Love the tie
This chap really wanted his photo taken. Thanks to my dear friend John who took this picture.........
......And here he is!
Smoking, the Burmese way
and proud of it!
Friendly, happy young lady we met one evening by the river Ayer Yarwaddy in Bagan
Big monks and little monks
A fine silhouette
Daniela with a young girl who was selling artifacts outside the temple
Very proud of her home. When she isn't making some money she studies at university
This man was a delight. He showed me all the best places to take photographs of the temple where he works and clearly delighted in my pleasure at the beauty of it. I love this photo
Isn't she lovely?
Young'uns showing me how it's done
This was supposed to be a photo of Daniela, but then.......
Beautiful face
I'm having fun!
I wish I knew what that finger meant
They start young!
A bit older, climbing the temple to see the sunset
Ancient temples are great playgrounds
Time to go home after a hard morning at the market
Oh, go on, give us a lick! Daniela catching me trying to steal ice cream from a child.....
Me, doing what I love

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Tricia Tan said...

Stunning photos Alan! I hope to go there someday too.