Sunday, December 11, 2011

Geylang Singapore

Hello and welcome.

Back in August I went to Geylang, a traditional Chinese part of Singapore to take some photos.

Geylang is famous for its local food and prostitution. Brothels in Singapore are legal as long as they are formally licensed. Soliciting on the street is illegal however.

It is also the home to many clan houses.

August is the time of the hungry ghosts. People
leave offerings to appease the ghosts that pour
out of the gates of hell. This first shot shows a
bar that has left an altar of offerings.

I'll be back in January 2012. Have a wonderful
festive season! Hope you enjoy these photos

The MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) train arriving
at the Paya Lebar Station, which is the nearest to

Inside a clan temple

Buddhists offer food. It is a good
deed that reminds us not to be
selfish and greedy

Even the incense bowl gets breakfast

A much humbler "temple"

This isn't a Christmas tree. I
took the photo in August. I
guess it is a prosperity tree

The dining table

Life is tough on the streets of
Geylang. But a good scratch
helps keep the claws sharp for
future fights

Statues of Apsaras (celestial beings) and the
occasional Buddha

A few more.........

A variety of Buddhas all in the same pose

Tables and chairs.....

A table and chairs used for playing cards

Guess :)

The dressed up lorry belongs to the Boon Yew
Association. It's an Association Management
organisation. Not sure what that means

No prizes for guessing what goes on
behind closed shutters. Cheap eh!
That's just for the room though.....

Khadijah Mosque in Geylang

You can still see vehicles like these in parts of

Attractive shophouse architecture

This is the closest I have ever been to being in
a brothel, honest!

I started with an altar of offerings outside a bar.
This is a much grander affair! The hungry ghosts
will be hungry no more!

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