Saturday, August 27, 2011

Markets and sunset at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo

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This is my last posting of our trip to Borneo. On Sundays there is a market in Kota Kinabalu so we are going for a walk to see what it has to offer. There's a few other shots from random moments. Finally as this is the last of four episodes it seems only fitting to finish with a few sunset shots just before the sun goes down. I hope you like the photos.

I'm not sure where the coral and the shells come from. I hope from a sustainable source. There were quite a lot of stalls like this and we were not impressed by the coral in the marine park

Perhaps a bit boring for a young
girl with not much to do?

Prickly products and delightful pair of togs!

Cute, fluffy and in need of each other

Fresh veggies, healthy as you like

Local delights in a packet, all that's missing
is a customer

Hard work at the market so a rest is most welcome,
but watch that posture!

Just can't make up my mind!

Waiting for a good home

Now he seems like a nice little boy.
Perhaps he'll take me home and
look after me

Yikes, forget that!

Important to be comfortable at work

These, believe it or not, are bags.
They even have a zip at the top.
Doubt you'll see them in Gucci shops.
Something about the design that sucks.....

This gentleman seems to be enjoying shopping
........for twigs!

When I take photos of people I like to show
them the photo. A good way to interact with
them. Thanks to Daniela for catching
us here

You can take my photo but don't expect a smile

Oh, OK, but this is the best I can do

The best masseurs

Shall I get a parrot, a fish or a plant?

Young volunteers enjoying a light moment

Taken at Jesselton Point

This is what benches were made for

An old Singer but a young seamster
(is that the male version of seamstress?)

It's a two-person job working an ice crusher!

Night market of foodstuffs

And so to the sunsets

This, and the previous photo, were taken from
our room. We had a room with a view!

The last three were taken during an evening

Do people still take strolls?

Or am I showing my age?

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