Friday, June 17, 2011

Flora and butterflies at Hort Park, Singapore

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I had to wipe the dust off my macro lens; it's been a while since I used it. The lens had no problem getting back to work but the 'macro-photographer' was a bit rusty!

Hort (short for Horticultural) park is a park for gardeners. Herbs, vegetables, and lots of different plants are there with areas for children to work their small allotment patch.

They also have a 'small butterfly aviary".

I hope you enjoy the photos. Any advice from experts would be welcome. Please leave your comments. Thanks.

Droplets of water on leaves just beg to have their photo taken

So wonderfully green and fresh

I don't know what this plant is called

It has a lot of "stalk", and very few leaves

And so they stand out with their lovely shapes

Dragonfly with 4 wings. It seems that unlike
most flying insects they can use each of their
wings independently of the other. This chap is
resting all four of them. It's amazing how he
holds on to the leaf while his body sticks
in a perpendicular line

Now we are in the butterfly aviary. I have
never been to one. It was quite an experience
to see so many butterflies when in nature you
normally just see the odd one here and there.
This one is a Cethosia cyane, otherwise known
as a Leopard Lacewing

This fella was attached to the fence the whole
time we were in the aviary. He is a Papilio
Polytes, or Common Mormon.
It is a swallowtail
butterfly common in Asia

Time for mid-morning snack

The common name is an allusion to the polygamy
formerly practiced by members of the Mormon sect
because the Common Mormon buttterfly has three
different female forms

This is an Idea Malabrica, and the common
name is Malabar Tree Nymph

The species is found most commonly in
Southern India

Because they glide a lot they have also been
given the name "Paperkite"

Er, any suggestions as to which species this
one is?

The Tree Nymph immensely attracted by the
gorgeous red flowers

Beautiful in its colourful habitat

The Leopard Lacewing with full wingspan
spread in all its glory

This is a red-bodied swallowtail

The Leopard Lacewing arrived in the Malay
Peninsula and Singapore about 6 years ago

This is me with some cutting edge of fashion
ear beautifiers!

He was very friendly and provided Daniela
with some cleaning under her finger nails

He flew between the two of us and we had to
make a concerted effort to leave him behind.
A butterfly stalker! The staff said he was attracted
to our sweat. Yuk! He is a Common Crow (Euploea core)

We left the butterflies and here are some final
photos of the flora in Hort Park

If there is a banana flower nearby I have to take
a photo


daniela said...

I wonder what that butterfly was whispering in your ear? :)

Nichoid said...

"You're a lucky man" perhaps