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Siem Reap Cambodia

Happy New Year!

I have just returned from 12 wonderful days in Cambodia. I will cover, over the next several postings:
Siem Reap
3 temples from Angkor
Tonle Sap Lake & the floating village
The children of Cambodia
Phnom Phen

This shot, taken while I was travelling in a
tuk tuk, an auto rickshaw, on my first day was
a lovely introduction to the friendly and warm
Cambodian people. There are four people on
the bike. The little bundle on the lap of the girl
is a baby

The city Siem Reap is the gateway to the
temple ruins of Angkor. Over two million
tourists a year visit the temples and most use
Siem Reap as their base. It quickly becomes
familiar as it is not a big place, but it has a lot
to offer. There is Colonial and Chinese
architecture, working Buddhist temples
and the life on the streets. The pace is, very
pleasantly, "laid back"

Talking of gateways, this is the decorative
entrance to one of the main bridges over
the Siem Reap river. The five or seven-headed
Naga (snake) is an important symbol in
Cambodia. 'In a Cambodian legend, the
nāga were a reptilian race of beings who
possessed a large empire or kingdom in the
Pacific Ocean region. See Kaliya. The Nāga
King's daughter married an Indian Brahmana
named Kaundinya, and from their union
sprang the Cambodian people. Therefore still
Cambodians say that they are
"Born from the Nāga".' Wikipedia

Cambodians are warm, friendly
and colourful

A monk tending a shrine to Buddha. Buddhism
is the main religion of Cambodia

A bike carrying a bike. As with other Asian
countries it is amazing how much people
manage to carry on two wheels. If you look
carefully you will see there are three feet but
apparently only two bodies!

Building another bridge over the river. Hard
to keep your head above water on this job!

Laundry day at a Buddhist temple in the city

A striking pagoda in the same

An interesting juxtaposition

I wonder what's in the bag?

Dead Fish Tower is a guesthouse,
restaurant and bar. Great name!

Use of helmets is quite random. Usually the
rider wears one but often the passengers don't

The Tuk Tuk equivalent of a Bentley

A typical street in the Old French

People carrier

A big bike for a littl'un!

Fish foot massage is very popular. There are
places around the city offering this ticklish
service for just a few dollars

Market stall. Also sells bugs as a nutritious
alternative, if you dare!

The famous "Pub Street". Restaurants and
bars galore

A shop in one of the pretty,
colourful side streets off Pub

Daniela at the doorway of the shop next door

Cambodians have to work very long hours to
get enough money to live. A nap is often needed
to keep going, and gratefully taken

Thai shop and restaurant

Inside the Siem Reap market.
We were there before the crowds

A coconut stall in the market. The green machine
is a coconut grater

A very loooong trailer!

Cooking up something good.
Waffles, I believe

The river is an attractive feature of the town

Last two photos showing

 they move about the town

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