Sunday, December 05, 2010

Islands, Krabi, Thailand

Great to see you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

My previous posting was of Railay Beach, Krabi in Thailand. This is the second and last posting from that holiday. The photos are from a boat trip we took to go snorkelling and see a couple of the very beautiful islands nearby.

I hope you enjoy the shots. The places we saw were pretty amazing.

Come back for Christmas greetings in a couple of weeks!

This first shot is me all kitted up with essential
beach kit; hat, shades, camera and beer

On our way to the first island

Amazing lumps of rock dotted around the sea

Arriving at our first stop

Pretty photogenic place, don't you think
(emphasis on pretty!)

Talking of photogenic, my lovely wife, Daniela

Have you noticed the water!!!!!

No surfing here

The long shot

A selection of sea craft


Pretty as a postcard

It must be Monday, laundry day

Planning your next holiday yet?

Just to prove we were there!

Perhaps I'll buy one of those when I retire....

This island is called Chicken Island.
I wonder why.....

I was going to straighten this up.
but I think it adds to the interest

OK that's enough of all this beauty........

....time to go home to Singapore. See you again
one more time before Christmas


Joanna said...

Ah, in London it just started to snow an hour ago or so. Big flakes slowly cover sidewalks, branches, trees and a lonely dog in front of our office. How can one at the same time want to enjoy warmth of a fire place with nice wine and snow behind the window; and the sunny, cloudless skies above tropical islands as the one you pictured in this post? There is time for everything, now it's time for us to enjoy snow :)

Pap Thuy said...

Alan, the chicken Alan really looks like a chicken with long neck :)

I went to Krabi but we just stayed in town, so we missed all of these beautiful sights...

I will go there again :)